No. 19

Golf is a game of yarns, layered with tales to stir the soul. Some, like the ones in No. 19, stand apart. Like the unfathomable ball striking of Moe Norman and the duo that logged thousands of Royal Dornoch rounds, or the revival of Cal Club and the time Walter Hagen lost the PGA Championship trophy. Trips to the Old Course, Rosapenna and Martha’s Vineyard produce stories for the ages. And the one with Tiger, a putter and a basketball court proves they can happen anywhere. Enjoy them all, and more, inside.


“As I stepped off St. Patrick’s final green, my mind still trying to make peace with the mirage that was its 17th green, I found myself not replaying the holes I’d just traversed—I’d do that later, in my sleep—but recalling the route that had brought us here, keenly aware that it was about to become a well-worn path.”

Forgotten to Forefront

Rosapenna’s journey to the new home of Irish golf.

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Moe Norman

“One after another, Norman rips every ball. His swing appears short, his hands high, in front of his eye line. But it’s the sound that catches the attention most. WHOOSH! Every shot is absolutely pured.”

The Apostles of Moe

At a swing camp where Moe Norman’s unconventional but stunningly effective swing lives on.

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“Pro tip: Should you ever encounter a back-right pin, your best bet is to come up short, hit two Tour-level touch shots to get up and down, then sprint down the hill as fast as possible.”

Yardage Book: The Pinnacle

The par-4 seventh hole at California Golf Club of San Francisco

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Spinning yarns

“We could not hit our putts fast enough. As the last ball rolled in, we heard a man shouting, ‘You! Stop right there! Nobody plays the Old Course on Sunday!’”

Spinning Yarns

A collection of are-you-kidding-me tales from the Broken Tee Society.

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Golf in its purest form. Delivered direct to your door.


“The soul of a golf course is not only its fairways and greens. It’s the people who play it every day, the people who tend to its needs in the darkest of winter when the tourists do not come. The people who love it so much that they cannot bear to leave it.”

Hard Forged

The spirit of Royal Dornoch is found in two unforgettable locals.

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Martha's Vineyard

“When most people imagine the Vineyard, they see one endless summer of sailboats and lobster rolls, Cape Cods and Black Dogs, private planes and private beaches, former presidents and sons of former presidents. These people are right and they are wrong.”

Glories of the Island

Discovering one of America’s playgrounds through its five unique golf courses.

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Chasing Scratch

“‘What we all enjoy is the journey,’ said one fan. ‘The tangents and the trials and tribulations. We play golf, and the fellowship is why we do this.’”

Above Average

The madcap alchemy of the “Chasing Scratch” podcast.

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“The stripping of ego, an acknowledgment of a bigger picture, an overwhelming sense of life’s fragility and a sudden disregard for things that divide a unified whole are just a few of the reported reactions associated with the overview effect.”

What Happens When You’re High

A dose of golf perspective from up above.

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The Golfer’s Journal is the perfect gift for every golfer.

Give A Gift

“What’s generally accepted is that while the Wanamaker looks majestic in photos, it is a pain in the ass to drag to nightclubs. So Hagen, ever the strategist, hailed a taxi, put the Wanamaker in the back, peeled off $5 from his bankroll and told the cabbie to deliver it to his hotel.”

Get That Man a Trophy

An appreciation of Walter Hagen, one of golf’s greatest champions and raconteurs.

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The Best Lesson

“It is also a tale of love, loss, friendship, life and death. It is, after all, a story about golf.”

The Best Lesson

Vodka-soaked advice from a Texas club legend.

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“I’ve witnessed enough fistfights, rock-filled bunkers and shirtless men showering in bathroom sinks to confidently proclaim that the overwhelming majority of public golf in America stinks.”

Private Party

One player’s full–throated support of private clubs.

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Mink Meadows, Martha's Vineyard

“Once I visited a few private clubs, the old anxiety returned: Where do I go? Where do I not go? Can I text my host to ask? Can I even text?”

Public, Please

A commitment to live the full-time muni life.

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Chambers Bay Golf Course

“The smell of fuel mixed with freshly cut grass adds an extra layer of satisfaction when you stripe a fairway with some crisp mow lines.”

The Sweet Smell of Grassoline

Inside dirt from the man mowing your fairways.

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1950s CLOSE-UP OF GOLF BALL ON GREEN ON VERY EDGE OF CUP (Photo by H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images)

“Jake approached the hole and, like a giraffe checking to see if its toenails need trimming, bent straight down from the waist to look in.”

Entry Into the Promised Land

A hole-in-one the whole family could celebrate.

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