Scotty Cameron and The Golfer’s Journal go all the way back to TGJ’s very inception. Although TGJ has been percolating in our minds for many years, it officially took root in the design room at Scotty’s Putter Gallery in Encinitas, California. Scotty backed the concept without hesitation. His encouragement and  enthusiasm for a premium, commercially-quiet publication that celebrates the beauty of golf in all its forms, set us off on down this path.

More than any other craftsman, Scotty has found a way to combine form and function into stunning creations that can be found in collectors’ homes as well as in the hands dozens of touring professionals around the world. His putters are in the winning bags of PGA and European Tour pros and have sunk winning putts for over 30 major champions. His attention to detail and dedication to performance have solidified his reputation as the world’s premier putter maker.

Scotty Cameron didn’t set out to change the game of golf. He simply believed that to make the best putters in the world, you needed the best materials and the best design. As it turns out, that simple recipe was a game-changer.

We feel the same way about TGJ. In The Golfer’s Journal, Scotty sees familiar DNA. “I’ve been a longtime reader of The Surfer’s Journal and was excited about the idea of a golf publication that would have the same premium, artistic and timeless feel. The Golfer’s Journal fills a huge void in golf. A publication that is thoughtful and beautifully designed fits right in with what we do.”