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No. 10

A fever dream turned real at Cypress Point. From Pine Valley to a four-hole round, No. 10 toasts the fearless insurgents who dare to push our game’s boundaries. These visionaries have always been with us, seen in rare looks at the reversible course at St. Andrews and the revolutionary templates of National Golf Links of America. Visits to Ohoopee, the club that eliminated par, and Brough Creek National, the course shaped by bare hands, show that the spirit still burns. May the dreams never die. More immortalized below.

The Match Club

He shrugged his shoulders as if it was so obvious that everyone should see it: “Why not always play like that?

The Match Club

Peeling back the layers of Ohoopee, where par is never invited.

“It was designed exclusively for restricted areas. Their entire game was out of bounds.” 

High on the Crime

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Playground Drawings

“The surfaces on which these children putt and stomp and shout are no ordinary greens; they are perhaps golf’s most extraordinary.”

The Playground Drawings

Donald Ross’ long-lost greens became a gift for Nashville’s youngest players.

Tobacco RoadPhoto by Mike Gibbons

“Had social media been around then, there’s no telling what would have been said online about Tobacco Road.”

The One Less Travelled

An oral history of Tobacco Road’s path from curious case to Mike Strantz-designed cult classic.

“The only hint of the course that never was is a stunning artificial practice putting green and the incongruously turfed deck of one of the resort’s swimming pools.”

Dry Run

One man’s quest to build the first artificial course comes up dry.

Challenge Day

“Was the course really so hard? Can a nine-hole golf course with seven holes under 130 yards truly be so tough?”

Challenge Day

Redefining golf masochism at the Bad Little Nine.

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St Andrews Club. Tom Shaw

“It provides for the opportunity of an experience entirely of its own when played in reverse—one that can be equally as fulfilling as play across the normal sequence of holes.”

Yardage Book: St. Andrews Club

Unearthing the home of golf’s long, lost left-handed routing.

“This was no backyard one-off. Short courses could be created anywhere; he was proving it every day.”

Trial by Fire

Brough Creek National is changing golf architecture one burnpile at a time.

“Walking back to my car, still astounded by the events of the day, I was acutely aware that this was a life-altering experience.”

10 Hours in Heaven

A pilgrimage to the National.

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