The Golfer’s Journal No. 28
No. 28
Summer 2024

Quiet Please

There is something noble about the continued pursuit. Whether it’s on a once-in-a-lifetime trip or an afternoon at the local haunt, we know every shot means something. TGJ No. 28 recognizes that shared mission, and from Australia to Pinehurst to Holland, every page matters.

136 Pages · 9 × 11 inches · Matte laminated and embossed cover · Smyth sewn · Spot varnish interior images on FSC Certified Paper

Table of Contents

Yardage Book: No. 14 at Portmarnock Golf Club

A three-time major champion on how to play one of his favorite par 4s.
Page 20

The Fly & The Peg

An exploration of the fertile crossover between golfing and fishing.
Page 36

Nashville 3 Ways

Hot chicken, literature and guitar licks are only part of this thriving golf scene.
Page 40

Where Legends Still Play

Walter Iooss Jr. shares the stories behind his iconic images of Jack, Arnie and Tiger.
Page 50

The Mostly True Story of Pinehurst

Why Hall of Famers, presidents, tourists and ghosts can’t resist the pull of this golf oasis.
Page 60

Too Easy, Mate

The secret behind one man’s chase for 100 holes-in-one.
Page 74

Let’s Rip Par in Half

The most memorable golf can be found beyond the scorecard.
Page 80

Whim & Fancy

An unplanned golf trip to Scotland: Why not?
Page 94

A Different Time

One of the LPGA’s greatest champions remembers the ups, downs and outfits of the 1990s.
Page 104

Winning Argument

A mission to confirm if the Netherlands is golf’s next great locale.
Page 110

Lipping Out

How a group of sickos hacked Bethpage. Rick Reilly’s favorite ball marks. Beware the Bogeyman. The peril of playing golf when you like.
Page 128



Padraig Harrington
Ben Carmichael
Interviews with Nick Bishop, Robbie Matz and Drew Holcomb
Travis Hill
Jim Moriarty
Ronnie Blakey
Tom Coyne
Gil Hanse
Francesco Molinari
Charlie Warzel
Juli Inkster
Crawford Anderson-Dillon


Tom Shaw
Walter Iooss Jr.
Jack Ducey
Andy Anderson
Jason Jahnke
Kohjiro Kinno
Christian Hafer
Chris Searl
Ollie Allison

No. 28

“Nicklaus walked into the photo shoot still working on a cigarette, and the photographer, a 23-year-old with his own designs on sports supremacy, was immediately inspired. He ordered Nicklaus to keep the cigarette lit, reached into his pocket and handed the Golden Bear his Ray-Bans.”

“We’re sitting there on the 16th hole, and the sun’s finally going down. I start thinking of all we’ve been through together: highs, lows, family tragedies, loved ones lost. We’ve been each other’s dearest friends. And I realize that this thing happening to us Tennessee guys has been happening to people on this spot at Royal Dornoch for, like, 500 years. I start sobbing, sitting on this tee box. If I had to write a book about my life in golf, it would start or end with that moment.”

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