FAQs: Broken Tee Society Discord Server

Join the Broken Tee Society

In our humble opinion, the Broken Tee Society is the best community in golf, and since launching our Discord server, we’ve only become more sure of that fact. Describing the server as a message board would be doing it a disservice; think of it as a combination clubhouse, event hall, and sports bar, available exclusively to TGJ members.

Hit the button below to get started, and head to the bottom of this page to learn a bit more about Discord and our server.

Questions or issues? Contact community@golfersjournal.com for help.

Why join?

Joining our Broken Tee Society Discord server is easy, free, and comes with a host of benefits. Join the BTS today, and you’ll be able to:

  • Connect with thousands of BTS members around the world
  • Join your local BTS chapter, meet nearby members, and organize and attend chapter outings
  • Attend exclusive members-only events, both online and in person, including interviews with golf VIPs, musical performances, and more
  • Access our full members-only archive containing recordings of every BTS interview to date
  • Join our Broken Tee Society book club and attend sit-downs with notable authors
  • Take part in season-long and one-off contests and games
  • Receive early access to new merchandise
  • Get first looks at TGJ event announcements
  • Explore behind-the-scenes content from the TGJ team
  • Take part in the future of the community, and the golf world at large, through our Vision & Values program

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I access the Broken Tee Society Discord server?
A: Log in to your TGJ account, complete the short and confidential onboarding here, and you’re in.

Q: I’m on the server, but can only see a few channels (start here, rules, tutorials, etc.) – what do I do?
A: Reach out to our Community Manager via community@golfersjournal.com with your full name and Discord username, and we will help you get it sorted.

Q: I’m having trouble getting connected to the server, where should I go for help?
A: If you are having trouble with your Discord account, please review Discord’s FAQ page or reach out to our Community Manager – community@golfersjournal.com

Q: Is there a price associated with joining the Discord server?
A: No – access to the server is included in your TGJ membership.

Q: Are my application answers or personal information shared anywhere in Discord?
A: No. The answers in your BTS application are sent to our Community Manager here at TGJ, and the Discord platform works the same way as an email client – it stores your email address and date of birth, but does not share them.

Q: Do I need to use my real name as a username, or can I remain anonymous?
A: The Broken Tee Society is a private community available only to Golfer’s Journal members, and as such, most members feel comfortable sharing their names and some details about themselves. Of course, we recognize this may not be possible for everyone, so you are encouraged to do whatever makes you feel most comfortable. All that we ask is that members act in good faith. The Broken Tee Society community rules can be found here.

Q: Why are some usernames different colors?
A: One small, extra perk of TGJ Premium Membership: you get a shiny gold username in our Discord server. Standard Members’ usernames are green, while staff usernames are blue. All of our Premium Member benefits can be found here.

If you need help with your golfersjournal.com account, please reach out to membership@golfersjournal.com

If you have any other questions or concerns, you can reach us at +1-949-492-2637 Monday-Friday 9AM – 5:30PM PST.

Server Overview

Watch the video below for a quick breakdown of the Discord platform, and a walkthrough of our server.

Head to our YouTube page for more How-Tos, including instructions on joining your local chapter, the BTS Book Club, and the Three Jack Fund.