No. 5

On the cover: Ravi making his own course in Mumbai. No. 5 highlights diehards like Ravi and his friends, celebrating the places found and the lessons learned by those willing to make the effort and take the chance. From the world’s largest private golf library in Cleveland to Gil Hanse’s dream coming true on Pinehurst No. 4 to Tom Coyne’s tour of Scottish links with a dedicated duffer, No. 5 goes the distance. Explore digital golf course architecture wizardry, the controversy it inspires and why Stanford’s women’s team wins by going old-school. Adventure awaits below.

“There wasn’t a single photo—only a few paragraphs describing a group of teens who played golf in the slums. It sounded like the promise of something interesting.”

from “Anywhere, Anytime”

“As we watched his second tee ball chase his first one into the thick gorse on number twelve, he said, ‘Look at it this way: I’ve just doubled my chances of finding a ball in there.’”

from “The Tao of Garth”

“Beyond removing nearly 2,000 tons of lead from what was once a prison guard shooting range at the 15th hole, the bulldozers were largely kept at bay.”

from “Ground Under Repair”

Golf in its purest form. Delivered direct to your door.


“Hanse is able to convince blue bloods that he’s the man to be trusted with blowing up and rebuilding their most valuable assets, while simultaneously maintaining a connection to the counterculture that delights in nothing more than getting under their skin.”

from “Life on the Trail”

“Dallas didn’t plan on playing all four rounds in one night. It’s just that once he started, he couldn’t stop.”

from “A Game of Pixels”

The Golfer’s Journal is the perfect gift for every golfer.


“It’s a relic that collectors would kill for, but that’s not what gets Johnston’s Glasgow brogue flowing. It’s the story of how it came to the collection.”

from “An Incomplete Biography”

“Magnum’s images are decidedly unique, generated from the eyes of photographers never exposed to the traveling circus of the professional tours.”

from “Magnum Opus”

“It does not discriminate between the duffer and the scratch player; it stands to humble all.”

from “Yardage Book: The Klondyke”