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TGJ Podcast 102

Wrights and Wrongs

One of sport’s most beloved writers talks bourbon, Tiger and Rory, life and death, and when it’s time to write about yourself

Episode 102: Wrights and Wrongs The Golfer's Journal Podcast

Wright Thompson is one of only a few scribes who has the luxury of writing about whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Which is why it came as a bit of a surprise when his most recent book, Pappyland, centered around a different kind of game: bourbon.

Thompson joins TGJ Programming Manager Robbie Vogel and host Tom Coyne in our Broken Tee Society Discord server to give some insights into his writing and reporting process, as well as his fascination with Rory, expensing a yacht while writing about Tiger, boozy country club lunches, and building monuments that live on after death.