TGJ Podcast 124

On the Road with Bill Murray

Talking golf, life and fruitcake on the road to Ohoopee Match Club

Episode 124: On the Road with Bill Murray The Golfer's Journal Podcast

It’s not easy to pin down Bill Murray, but one way to do so, as podcast host Tom Coyne learned, is to ride shotgun with him across Georgia. In this candid conversation from the midst of a golf road trip to Ohoopee Match Club, the two discuss what they love about golf, where they love to play it, and with whom. It’s Bill Murray as you haven’t heard him before–not the movie star but your pilot across the low country, both of you late for a tee time.

Take a spot in the backseat as the twosome stops for fruitcake and cash and comes upon a movie set in the last spot you’d expect to find one, and listen as bystanders react to bumping into Bill Murray at the bank. In this spontaneous recording, you’ll meet Murray as his most authentic self–thoughtful and curious and golf-obsessed. They say you don’t really know someone until you travel with them, so buckle up and join Murray and Coyne as they take the long way to Ohoopee.