TGJ Podcast 116

What Happened to Ben Garner?

The boy who battled Tiger. The man who found a new life.
Ben Garner

Episode 116: What Happened to Ben Garner? The Golfer's Journal Podcast

Unless you’ve already dug into Charlie Warzel’s profile of him in No. 21, you’ve probably never heard of Ben Garner—the kid who used to beat Tiger Woods (sometimes) and who buddied around SoCal with the future superstar, two kids who understood what it was like to live beneath the shadow of demanding golf dads.

Ben Garner joins The Golfer’s Journal Podcast to discuss what happened between being unbeatable and being beaten, to the point where he couldn’t even look at a golf course or tell his old, now famous friend how he was really doing. If it all sounds like a typical wayward prodigy tale, you’ll want to listen to hear where Charlie Warzel finds him, what he’s up to now, and how golf and life have paid Ben back in abundant and unforeseeable ways.