Science of Speed Sasho Mackenzie
TGJ Podcast 155

The Science of Speed

Sasho MacKenzie has cracked the swing speed training barrier with biomechanics, A.I. and millions of swings

Episode 155: The Science of Speed The Golfer's Journal Podcast

What if there was a way to get both longer and straighter off the tee? It sounds like the opening line of a half-hour golf infomercial from the ‘90s—until you dig into the data. After tracking 17 million swings from users of his patented Stack System, Canadian biomechanist Sasho MacKenzie has unlocked the secret to reliable speed, and he’s helping everyone from rank amateurs to 2022 US Open champion Matt Fitzpatrick chase those precious few extra MPH. MacKenzie joins host Tom Coyne live on the Broken Tee Society Discord server for a wide-ranging discussion, covering everything from ground forces and angular momentum to Bryson DeChambeau and the “bad science” of the ball rollback. Strap in and get faster.