Swing Thoughts: September 2020

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Photo by Stephen Denton for TGJ No. 13


How a Broken Tee Society Member Crashed the U.S. Open

Fans were forced to watch Winged Foot from the couch (or street) earlier this month…or so we were told. TGJ Subscriber and contributor Andrew Haynes was selected as the USGA’s lone fan and had the nerve not to invite us. We put our jealousy aside and caught up with him for a full review.

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Short Iron: How To Finish 14th at the Denver City Amateur Golf Tournament

Denver’s 5280 Magazine has spent the last few months celebrating the unexpected joys of procrastination. This week in its “The Pandemic Made Me Do It” series, we find Senior Editor Spencer Campbell attempting to transform his game from weekend warrior to competitive amateur. Spoiler alert: He finishes 14th. 

5280 Magazine

Mid-Iron: Golf for the Nation: Donald Ross on Self-Governance

“A country which gets golf-minded need not worry about the honor, the integrity and the honesty of its people.” This bold Donald Ross quote has led to some restless nights for TGJ contributor Matthew Chominski. Here, he stews on double bogeys, personal responsibility and why fewer rules just might be the key to unlocking golf’s natural goodness.

Fairway Philosophy

Long Iron: Joe Tessitore Explains Holey Moley, The Greatest Show on Television

Uranus > Magnolia. Double Dutch Courage > Postage Stamp. Those are the sentiments of college football reporter (and upcoming TGJ contributor) Spencer Hall, and ESPN/ABC commentator Joe Tessitore. The two connect for an absurd Q&A on why Holey Moley, Tessitore’s primetime mini-golf game show, is somehow a full-swing hit.

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The Dirty Groove Vol. 20

“I come alive in the fall-time.”—The Weeknd (And also Bryson DeChambeau)