Swing Thoughts: June 2020

Annika Sorenstam | Elvis Costello | Chris Kirk

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Stuart Currie
Photo by Stuart Currie

Annika Sorenstam, Elvis Costello, Chris Kirk and the Beastie Boys: Our June newsletter takes you from the rough to get par.




Golf Channel

Short Iron: Chris Kirk considered walking away; now he’s sober and once again winner

After taking a leave to battle alcohol abuse and depression, Kirk rallied for his first pro win in five years

Golf Channel


Mid-IronEfforts to make golf more diverse largely haven’t worked. It’s time for a new approach

TGJ contributor Laz Versalles writes about the uncomfortable reality of being a black golfer and what the game can do to be more inclusive.


National Parks Service

Long IronGolf and Civil Rights in Washington D.C. 

A history of public golf in our nation’s capital

National Park Service



The Dirty Groove Vol. 17

This month’s playlist is sequenced by Elizabeth Nelson—singer-songwriter for The Paranoid Style and author of TGJ No.12’s “My God, What a Show”

TGJ Podcast 57: Yes In a Heartbeat

Annika Sorenstam recalls the Q&A and three-month buildup that led to her trailblazing appearance at the 2003 Colonial Invitation

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