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TGJ Podcast 29

New York, New York

A New York-based comedian's guide to golf in the Big Apple

Episode 29: New York, New York The Golfer's Journal Podcast

“In many ways, playing golf in New York City reflects what it feels like living here. The city will try and beat you down, testing your frustration and tolerance along the way, and the golf is no different. A six-and-a-half-hour round at Dyker on a Saturday feels eerily similar to a stalled 6 train on your Wednesday morning commute.”

Paul Gutkowski

As the PGA Championship heads to Bethpage, Tom Coyne passes the microphone to NYC-based comedian Paul Gutkowski to explain what golf is really like in the Big Apple. From Staten Island to the Bronx to Queens, Paul catalogues his romances with some of the concrete jungle’s hidden muni gems.