Mind Game 05: Joshua Medcalf

The path to greatness is lined with chopping wood and carrying water

“Everyone wants to be great, until it’s time to do what greatness requires.” Joshua Medcalf has made a career by turning the path to greatness into best-selling stories. The sports psychologist, author and scratch golfer joins Mind Game to discuss the secrets behind true improvement, the benefits of being uncomfortable, how he went from a 15 handicap to a +3 in a few short years, and what it means to chop wood and carry water.

Mind Game 05: Joshua Medcalf, Chop Wood Carry Water The Golfer's Journal Podcast

About Joshua Medcalf

Joshua Medcalf is the founder of Train to be CLUTCH, a life consultancy business that advises top performers around the world, and the director of mental training for UCLA Women’s Basketball. He is the author of many best-selling books, including Chop Wood Carry Water, Pound the Stone and Burn Your Goals. Joshua played college soccer at Duke University and is a former club champion at San Diego Country Club.