Mike Whan
TGJ Podcast 152

Mike Whan Addresses the Rollback

The USGA CEO takes on distance, sustainability and the future of golf

Episode 152: Mike Whan Addresses the Rollback Debate The Golfer's Journal Podcast

The golf world took sides earlier this month when the USGA and R&A announced their plans to reign in distance with a rollback of the golf ball for both professionals and amateurs starting in 2028. 

The data presented by the governing bodies includes statistics claiming that high club-head speed players will lose up to 10 yards with the new ball restrictions, while shorter hitters will only see a 3-5 yard difference. So why the rule change? Why now? What happened to bifurcation? What about course setups, sustainability and green speeds? How is all of this good for the game?

Tom Coyne brings all of these questions to USGA headquarters where he sits down with its CEO Mike Whan. In a candid conversation including questions submitted by TGJ members, Coyne and Whan attempt to find common ground on one of the game’s most heated subjects.

You can read Titleist’s response to the rollback here.