It may have been the author’s final Open, but his heart will always come back to Pebble. Photo by Kohjiro Kinno
TGJ Podcast 100


100 episodes later, it's time to catch our breath

As we touch the century mark here at The Golfer’s Journal Podcast (where has the time gone?), we wanted to celebrate our 100th episode by giving something special to our listeners. TGJ merch, you ask?  Not quite. But this episode will surely save strokes and stress from your golf for years to come. 
After a quick recap of our best and (very) worst from the previous 99 episodes, voice artist Erik Braa guides you through a 30-minute golf specific meditation.  His soothing tone paired with ambient golf sounds will take you from your couch or office and transport you to the first tee.  And his quiet message will help you find that on-course focus we’re all searching for.
Bookmark this one for your next match. And if you’re sitting in your car in the club parking lot with your eyes closed, don’t worry. We’ll know what you’re doing.