TGJ Podcast 137

Cameron McCormick Wants to Change Your Mind

Jordan Spieth's coach on the power of forgiveness, the importance of adaptation and the music of a great golf swing
Cameron McCormick

Episode 137: Cameron McCormick Wants to Change Your Mind The Golfer's Journal Podcast

What does it take to be the best in the world? Or maybe just better than yesterday? If anyone knows it’s Cameron McCormick—Jordan Spieth’s swing coach for the last 18 years and one of the game’s most respected instructors. Host Tom Coyne recently paid McCormick a visit at his performance center at Trinity Forest Golf Club in Dallas where they discussed the current state of golf instruction, the power of forgiving yourself before a bad shot, the most impressive thing about professional golfers and what 12-year-old Jordan Speith was like. 

About Cameron McCormick

Cameron McCormick is the founder of Altus Performance and serves as the Director of Instruction at the Trinity Forest Golf Club in Dallas, Texas. Best known for coaching 3-time major champion Jordan Spieth, Cameron’s clients, past and present, include over 13 PGA, and LPGA Tour players, as well as a host of world-ranked amateur and junior amateur players. In 2015, he was named the PGA of America Teacher of the Year.