TGJ Podcast 103

A Drink at All the Tables

Shane Bacon returns to the show to discuss golf coverage’s current state, plus his journey from blogger to broadcaster

Episode 103: A Drink at All the Tables The Golfer's Journal Podcast

From cleaning clubs to writing blogs to announcing the biggest events in golf, Shane Bacon has lived a golf life well beyond his years. He joins us via the Broken Tee Society Discord server to discuss how he went from grinding on the mini-tours to taking center-stage in the Golf Channel’s lineup as co-host of “Golf Today.”

Shane walks us through an evolving landscape in golf coverage, as off-the-course drama rivals on-the-course action for attention. He shares some of his secrets on how to tell tough stories, and how to remain true to yourself as you pursue your wildest dreams. And he explains how an Arizona boy can fall in love with Connecticut golf, if not Connecticut winter.