No. 3

One of the game’s most imitated illustrations. Ben Hogan has a grip on this issue, from the precision of South Korean golf to the power of Alister MacKenzie’s genius at Pasatiempo. Secrets, not unlike the one Hogan said he found in the dirt, abound in No. 3, including Tom Coyne’s unlikely discovery at Shiskine, Caleb Hannan’s revealing ride with some golf’s greatest hustlers and the new light we shine on the artist who drew Hogan’s hands. The Hawk doesn’t have the same hold on Will Leitch, as he discusses his troubles with golf in a challenging essay. But even doubters will see the beauty in a grass-roots success in Chicago, a rising young photographer at the PGA Tour, and a trip through the stunning Canadian wilds with architect Riley Johns.

Lucid Dream

“It’s not often that architects have to design green complexes in the shadow of a giant metallic orb in the craggy hillside above. But Lee loves his art, as I was about to discover.”

Lucid Dream

An examination of the cultural, spiritual and financial effects of a surreal golf experience in South Korea.

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“The power of books is that they live on long after their authors have passed, but 60 years after the publication of Five Lessons, the man who created some of the game’s most significant and lasting images of the swing…is a ghost.”

The Hawk’s Hands

Piecing together the life and legacy of Anthony Ravielli, the artist behind the iconic drawings in one of golf’s seminal instructional works.

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Golf in its purest form. Delivered direct to your door.

A Club with Broad Shoulders PHOTO: CHRISTIAN HAFER

“It’s hard not to fall for the place. If you grew up playing scruffier, low-cost public courses, you’ll recognize those familiar charms at Canal Shores. But warm-and-fuzzies aren’t enough to save a golf course.”

A Club with Broad Shoulders

Taking the El Loop at Chicago’s Canal Shores, where a band of diehards work every day to defend a course perpetually in peril.

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Accidental Revelation PHOTO: HAMISH BANNATYNE

“Seven holes or 25, played clockwise or not, with a list of rules you could fit on a business card—there was once a little rebel spirit in golf.”

Accidental Revelation

Perhaps 18 isn’t golf’s magic number. A chance 12 holes in Shiskine’s rock cathedral forever changed one man’s view of the perfect round.

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“If you’re ever in a spot with a bunch of other photographers, you should probably move. What’s the point of getting the same thing as everyone else?”

Early Arrival

A layoff led to a job at the PGA Tour. Now Ryan Young is capturing frames that belie his age.

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Yardage Book: Ageless Wonder PHOTO: MIKE GIBBONS

“MacKenzie crammed all of this into a hole measuring 387 yards from the championship tees, a priceless relic in this era of super-sized courses.”

Yardage Book: Ageless Wonder

Like its infamous green complex, the classically beautiful 16th hole at Pasatiempo is layered with history and lore.

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The Golfer’s Journal is the perfect gift for every golfer.

The Roof of the World PHOTO: D.J. PIEHOWSKI

“It’s a trip full of stories and trivia and short hikes through the woods to see depressions in the ground he claims are abandoned Donald Ross bunkers. As a golf nut, it’s a guided tour I should have had to pay for.”

The Roof of the World

Trekking through golf’s history and future with renaissance man and rising-star architect Riley Johns.

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Esteemed Gathering PHOTO: A.J. VOELPEL

“Boat from Montauk. PB&J with bacon at the turn. Seth Raynor. Dreams, man, dreams.”

Esteemed Gathering

To some, it’s just a trinket. To others, it’s another pelt for the wall.

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“Truth and lore get seriously tangled when it comes to the Horizon Hills money matches. From Cook’s account, Trevino shot 63 to Floyd’s 65 on the first day. Then another 63 to Floyd’s 64 on the next. Titanic and Floyd were down $18,000 when they convinced Trevino’s backers to go to a third and final match, this one for $20,000.”

Homage to the Hustle

From Titanic to Trevino, an appreciation of the game’s characters who would go to great lengths to empty your wallet.

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