No. 14

Just one good bounce. It can change a round, and as No. 14 shows, it can also change a life. From an addict’s discovery of a sober league to a weary traveler stumbling on a golf paradise, the game delivers. Shocking twists abound in a quest to find a Masters ghost, the unearthing of a classic golf video game and a mission to a lost New Orleans course. Torturous tales of lipping out show that for every give there’s a take, but that it's always worth taking the shot. More good fortune inside.


“For some people, golf courses were a place to make pars or cultivate friendships, but for others, they were cover. Fairways were just a sipping safe space for a drunk like me.”

The Lucky Ones

Recovery through match play. And ice cream.

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Photo by Josh Hubberman

“It’s not that I expect my kids to get into golf. It’s certainly not that I need them to be good at the game. It’s just that I want it.”

Essay: Bribery, Lies and Other Recommended Parenting Strategies

On doing whatever it takes to pass along the love of the game

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“Missing the cut at the Masters pales in comparison to the pain of his third marriage dissolving in one very bad weekend in Biloxi, Mississippi. Golf at its worst cannot hurt Ray Ray Whitley more than life already has.”

The Ballad of Ray Ray Whitley

Lessons In survival, putting and hope, delivered by a video-game golfer In basketball shorts

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Golf in its purest form. Delivered direct to your door.


“They asked me what to do,” says Chessum. “I said, ‘I don’t know, fuck about?’ So they started hitting fruit with golf clubs.”

The Beastie Boys Are Not Golfers

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“I stood on the green, taking it all in, wondering if I could talk them into letting me play until the sun went down.”

One Trip To Rule Them All

For a weary world traveler, an unexpected adventure on King Island was a life-altering revelation

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Photo by Augusta National/Getty Images

“Like it did for Chazz Palminteri in the closing scenes of The Usual Suspects, everything suddenly came into focus: I had seen this man too. Many times. Over many years. In so many galleries.”

Life in the Front Row

The shock wasn’t in solving this Masters mystery; it was in discovering the remarkable golf life it unearthed

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Photo by Kohjiro Kinno

“You see, after the round, when someone asks what I shot, I can’t simply say “81” or “85.” That won’t tell the story. People need more context. I need to give them the But.”

Congratulations, You Lipped Out

You now have the best excuse in the game

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The Golfer’s Journal is the perfect gift for every golfer.


“The club remains a collection of the young at heart, a bastion of female friendship and competitive spirit.”

The Grandes Dames of the Himalayas

Age be damned: The St. Andrews Ladies’ Putting Club is still thriving

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“Perhaps the greatest testament to Maxwell’s work at Southern Hills is that it’s been left mostly alone. Of the original 18 greens, 17 remain in their birthplace.”

Yardage Book: New Beast

From Maxwell to Hanse on Southern Hills’ seventh

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Photo by Stan Badz/PGA TOUR

“It was 55 feet down the hill, down the tier, and, as it got about 4 feet away, I thought it was dead center. I turned around, raised my arms…and never heard a roar.”

Just Send It Sniffing

Making sense of the lip out

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“Bartholomew was no fool: He and his peers knew that city officials were allowing Pontchartrain Park only because it might forestall full integration….But Bartholomew saw it as progress. It was better than nothing.”

An Imperfect Step Forward

The search for Joseph Bartholomew’s lost course turns into a lesson on the beauty of silver linings

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Photo by Donald Miralle/Allsport

“The man on the dais had been taking inventory since the end of the Ryder Cup. He’d recently told friends that if he died now he’d be at peace.”

Before the Flight

Traveling with Payne Stewart in his contented, but still contentious, final days

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Photo by Leonard Kamsler/Popperfoto via Getty Images

“Somehow, the ball reemerged after a 270-degree horseshoe and was rudely deposited 3 inches back toward me. I was floored. Disbelief, denial, bargaining, guilt, anger and sadness all followed in short order.”

The Lip Out That Did Me In

The scars from this one are still fresh

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