One&Done, Fantasy and Golf Gambling with RickRunGood

On the eve of the Tournament of Champions, CBS Sports expert Rick Gehman goes deep on the nuances behind picking PGA Tour winners in a variety of formats. Rick is also a member of our 130-player One&Done league, which you can join by visiting the One&Done channel in our Discord server.

“Biannual Humiliation” to Blowout: Shane Ryan on the Ryder Cup

With the release of The Cup They Couldn't Lose, his comprehensive and compelling Ryder Cup history overview, author Shane Ryan visits the Main Stage to talk all things team golf. We discuss Tony Jacklin's role in saving the event, the moment when Pete Dye and Herb Kohler nearly came to blows, and the looming specter of Covid on the 2021 event, among many other topics. Enjoy, and don't forget to pick up a copy of Shane's book.

ANWA and ANGC with Phoebe Brinker

Fresh off her first appearance in the Augusta National Women’s Amateur, Duke sophomore Phoebe Brinker joined Tom Coyne to discuss her experience. She unveiled a host of fascinating details, including the (sensational) contents of an ANWA tee gift bag, how it feels to play Augusta with no patrons, and the story of the event's founding direct from Fred Ridley himself. 

Zac Blair on Building a Modern Golf Club

Zac Blair wears a number of hats: PGA Tour player, GCA lover, founder of the borderless Buck Club, golf course developer. Now, after years of grinding both in and out of the social media spotlight, all of his hard work is finally coming to fruition. With his Tree Farm project nearing completion in Aiken, South Carolina, Zac joins Tom Coyne and Robbie Vogel to discuss his efforts to build a modern golf club.

Wright Thompson on “Pappyland”, Tiger, Augusta, and More

Celebrated sportswriter Wright Thompson joins Tom Coyne and Robbie Vogel on the Main Stage for a can't-miss conversation. We touch on Wright's wonderful "Pappyland", a recent pick in our BTS Book Club, then dive into his career as a whole. Topics include Rory's level-headedness, the two great unwritten Tiger Woods stories, and the only happy pro athlete Wright has ever met.