Bump&Run: 1/10/22

Welcome to Bump&Run, a recap of what you may have missed during the past week on the Broken Tee Society Discord server. Haven’t signed up for our server yet? Join the fun here: glfrsj.nl/BTSconnect


What if your next three putt helped a worthy cause, instead of your opponent’s wallet? Introducing the BTS Three Jack Fund! Created by a few intrepid members (including our own Tim Woodruff), the competition aims to take just a bit of the sting out of our poor putting days. The rules are as follows.

Sign up on the spreadsheet at the link above (within the 🕳│putting channel), make your $10 deposit with Tim, and donate $1 for every three putt you have in 2022. All participants must register by January 31st, 2022. At the end of the year, we’ll conduct a live 50/50 raffle in the server: 50% of the pot to the winner, the remaining half to a charity voted on by the BTS.


Last week, we caught up with Travis, Tom, Hafer, and a few special guests for an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the Making of No. 18. If you’ve ever wondered what goes into the writing, editing, and production of TGJ, this is a pretty good place to start.

What would you do if you had Pine Valley to yourself? How did that breathtaking cover come together? And what were some of the big, strange ideas thrown around when discussing how to make our 18th issue stand out? If you missed it, check out the archives and find out!


A huge thank you to Tom Johnson from the Olympic Club for joining us for a New Year’s swing thoughts hangout last Sunday. Our winding conversation started as a discussion on achieving our resolutions, and included detours into the mental game, book recommendations, a breakdown of the best golf courses in Chicago and fascinating insights into how we can prepare ourselves to play our best golf in 2022. Oh, and a little lesson on baking sourdough. Would you expect anything different from the BTS?


What do you envision as the future of the Broken Tee Society? Drop all ideas–large or small–into our 📥│suggestion-box channel, and let’s build this community together.

And speaking of community-building…

on the tee

We have another big week on tap in the Broken Tee Society:

  • Monday: Bandon and Boynton with Ryan Book.
    BTS member Ryan Book joins Travis Hill for a discussion on his story in No. 18. RSVP here.
  • Tuesday: Vision & Values Kickoff.
    A collaborative hangout to discuss our core values and to begin developing a roadmap toward some bigger goals. RSVP here.
  • Thursday: The Retreat @ Gamble Sands.
    A Labor Day weekend unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Registration opens at noon. RSVP here.
  • Friday: Golf Course Architecture 101 with Rob Collins. 
    A Friday afternoon chat with one of the most dynamic personalities in the game today. RSVP here.


Odds and ends from another terrific week within the BTS:

We’ll be honoring Black History Month with our February Book Club selection. Voting is open now in the new 🤓│bts-book-club channel.

Our 🍼│parenting channel never disappoints. Ben gave us a garage practice mat gender reveal alongside his son. Congratulations to your family on another boy! Taylor shared a story that included the vocals of Darius Rucker, his son counting railroad ties and a sun-blocked visual of his ace. 

Meanwhile, new BTS member Sutton introduced us to her Ladies Only clothing line. Thanks to all our members who share their ventures with the community in our 🚀│promote-your-stuff channel.

Hot takes were flying in the 🏌│lpga channel with members sharing what storylines they’re looking forward to in 2022. BTS member Brynn Walker provided us an update on her winter program ahead of her new season kicking off.

Over 50 BTS members make up our inaugural One and Done pool. Thank you to everyone who is providing great banter, coverage takes and trash talking that will make the PGA Tour season significantly more entertaining for all. Anyone can follow along on the One and Done thread.

Our Houston chapter has many of us envious as they plot a March match play bracket. Yale GC +a pizza crawl in New Haven? Check out the rendezvous being put together in the New England channel! Elsewhere, we see members planning rounds and comparing itineraries around our upcoming TGJ events. Check out the specific TGJ events pages, 🤝│member-hosting channel and regional channels to connect with those looking to play in 2022.