No. 13

Sometimes, what sticks with you most happens after the last putt drops. No. 13 basks in what the game gives us, on and off the course. A mystic surfer with lessons on life and playing Riviera. A walker bag that brought a global community together. An intimate portrait of Herbert Warren Wind, the legendary writer who coined Amen Corner and whose volumes still resonate. Beginners becoming diehards on transformed vacant lots. A happy argument over the best par 3s in Australia. Night golf and even more found inside.

Photo by Taku Miyamoto

“Holding the club head, he said, ‘Here,’ and extended the 4-iron’s grip toward me. I reached for it. ‘Not like that. Take it like you’re shaking a hand…’ I reached for it again. ‘There you go.’ Welcome to golf.”

Rifle Shots

The Hunter legacy was always about more than the game.

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“Everyone shook their head, but no one seemed overly concerned. If a rented club disappears in the middle of the night, life at Bob-O-Link goes on.”

Day and Night

Buffalo’s Bob-O-Link leaves the lights on for you.

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Photo by Kohjiro Kinno

“The bag has visited more than 20 states….It’s been carried in Canada and Dubai….It’s been to Pebble Beach, Scotland, Sand Valley, Ireland and Bethpage. In a November 2019 Instagram post, Shreffler wrote, ‘When I die, please reincarnate me as this bag.’”

Infinite Loop

The bag that brought a community together.

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Golf in its purest form. Delivered direct to your door.

Photo by John Kelly/Getty Images

“Here was a complex man vigorously arguing against the plans of a man whose reputation he essentially created. Still, for those who knew him, his plea made sense: Wind was unusually clear in his public profile as a defender of the game’s traditional virtues.”

Forever in Tweed, Amen

Herbert Warren Wind’s contributions to golf know no word count.

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“It’s a rare gift to play just one of the world’s most-renowned par 3s during a round. Kingston Heath offers two on its back nine.”

Yardage Book: Debate Champions

No. 10 vs. No. 15 at Kingston Heath: Who ya got?

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“What began as the politest of middle fingers to the city had officially morphed into full-blown street art.”

A Little Golfing Dismaland

Where Phoenix saw vacant lots, Steve Weiss saw fairways.

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Image by Bridgeman Images

“The idea of a blazer with a crest patch on the pocket and insignia-punched brass buttons may seem a bit much in the iPhone era, but then again this is a sport whose most famous prize is, in fact, a green jacket.”

Every Gentleman’s Duty

An unbuckled trip down the rabbit hole of golf’s fashion history.

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Photo by Could Be the Day

“I’ve heard on-course confessions of infidelity, of financial jeopardy, of teens who hated their father’s guts with heartbreaking and inscrutable intensity.”

Essay: A Shoulder to Drive On

An unexpected mental-health benefit on the course.

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The Golfer’s Journal is the perfect gift for every golfer.


“Such anonymity is, in part, the nature of the beast. Behind the wire means behind the wire, whether it’s nuclear-armed submarines or dogleg par 4s.”

The Green Zone

Saluting the military courses that march on behind the wire.

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Photo by Leonard Kamsler/Popperfoto via Getty Images

“The most difficult thing is admitting when there’s a problem.”

Hope in the Darkest of Times

One man’s winning battle against the yips.

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Photo by Tony Roberts/Corbis via Getty Images

“This is a celebration of those who will do anything to play. The diehards who will use any transport possible to get to—and through—the course.”

Any Means Necessary

Golf’s reinvention of the wheel.

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Illustration by Kate Copeland

“More and more are taking a step back to old-school greenskeeping and working with the land they’ve got rather than pumping chemicals in an effort to recreate Augusta or

Interview: Laura Sayer-Hall

Ardmore’s greenskeeper may have finally found a home.

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Photo by Lauren Milner

“The factories around here have gone away. Those of us without a skill scrambled for whatever we could get. The country club can help, but you gotta know golf.”

Necessary Burn

A picture of caddie life on one of its combustible days.

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Photo by David Cannon/Allsport

“Though it’s just a cold, flat, glass screen, I can instantly smell the salty ocean breezes….Some days I can even feel the plush grass under my feet.”

Safety on the Knife’s Edge

Life, death and the healing power of watching someone else tee off.

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