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2021 Annual Letter to Our Members

While the times went from being unprecedented to very much precedented, our small (but rapidly growing) team remained focused on delivering value to our members. Against the backdrop of our weird new normal, we collected fascinating, diverse stories, built a print shop that supports our artists, covered tens of thousands of miles in the TGJ Van, hosted more than a dozen top-tier events, and brought together golfers from around the world. To be honest it has all felt a little overwhelming at times, but to quote Mario (Andretti, not Bros.): “If you’re not feeling a little out of control, you’re not going fast enough.” 

Here’s how your investment in our vision was put to work in 2021 and what it means for the future. 

The Broken Tee Society

Our online community is potentially the most important thing we’ve worked on since our first issue was printed and bound. It might be that the book—like some kind of ink-on-paper boot-loader for golf’s next chapter—came into existence in order for this community to form. 

A quick primer for the uninitiated: The Broken Tee Society is a virtual clubhouse reserved exclusively for our membership. It’s part country club, part support group and part rowdy bar. It’s a virtual event hall, a social hub, and a connector of people. 

It all amounts to an entirely new content stream for our members and a place where thousands of golfers from around the world have the ability to connect through the game, form regional chapters, share their stories and experiences, advise and support one another and make new friends. Of course, it’s free to all TGJ members.

We’ve already witnessed incredible acts of kindness, camaraderie, and generosity in the community and it has been awesome getting to know those of you that have joined over the past few months. I look forward to the rest of our membership joining and for what comes next. 

If you haven’t yet connected your account, please don’t wait. Join us. If you haven’t visited the community or don’t intend to, you can always access recordings of all our discussions and events in the Broken Tee Society Content Archive. 

Collaboration Season

Beginning early in 2021 we will kick off the first of many Broken Tee Society “Seasons” aimed at focusing and directing our collective efforts. Season 1’s theme will be “Foundations.” 

During this initial three-month period, we’ll establish the vision and values for our community. In addition to our regular programming, we’ll also create content based on Season 1’s theme. Topics could range from golf-specific (the golf swing, golf course architecture, etc.) to general interest (writing, photography, finance, cooking, etc.) or anything else that might interest you. If enough of our members are curious about something, we’ll do our best to find an expert to talk to us about it. 

To read more about Season 1 of The Broken Tee Society you can do so here

Events Horizon 

The TGJ Events Calendar is looking more and more like a Top-100 list with each passing year. While we are prying open the gates to elite, top-ranked private courses, that is not our sole focus. Our mission is to create unique experiences at interesting locations regardless of their rank or accessibility. We want our events to be as diverse as our membership and we always prioritize inclusivity and enjoyment over anything else. 

Our 2022 Events Calendar is already stacked. The first two events we put on sale each sold out in under 60 seconds. The demand was so high that we managed to secure a second date at Mid Pines to accommodate another 60 members (which is now also sold out). We don’t like to disappoint our members and I apologize to those that missed out, but we feel it’s important to keep the number of attendees at our outings and events capped so that we can create the best possible experience. 

You can see the 2022 Events Calendar here. We hope to see you at one—or many—of them.  

A Fine Assemblage

Our team is growing! Foster McCune joined us at the beginning of 2021. Officially he’s our Events Coordinator, unofficially he’s our Road Warrior—steering the van to the most interesting destinations in the country and playing A LOT of golf in the process. Our beloved podcast host Tom Coyne has exchanged full-time academia for full-time golf nerdery and is now TGJ’s Senior Editor. The exceptionally talented Christian Hafer has also joined our ranks to help strengthen our visuals department and begin bringing our stories to life on screen. Robbie Vogel is our new Programming and Community Experience Manager. Look for him and the rest of the TGJ staff in the Broken Tee Society Discord Server

I’m confident that I speak for every member of our team when I say that bringing this community together and these stories to life feels more like a calling than a job. I cannot thank you enough for making this community what it is and allowing us to do this for a living. 

Finally, TGJ No. 18 is either with you or on its way. It’s a beautiful and dramatic closer to a round that we hope has shifted the narrative on what golf is and what it can be. Of course it wouldn’t exist without your support. As a member of The Broken Tee Society you know that 18 is never enough. So after a quick breather we’re gonna get back to it. 

See you on the next tee. 

Brendon Thomas
Founder, The Golfer’s Journal  

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