BTS Season 1: Foundations

Announcing The Broken Tee Society's First Season

Everything that lasts starts with a solid foundation. That’s true of golf swings and decentralized communities like ours. With that in mind, we’re thrilled to announce The Broken Tee Society’s first season: “Foundations.” 

What is a season?

It’s a period of time where we focus our collective efforts toward specific goals and purposes. Season 1 begins January 1, and will conclude the first week of April (just before the Masters.)

Don’t worry: This won’t change how our community functions. The themed programming and efforts associated with each season will be in addition to our regular shenanigans. 

Nor will it feel like having a second job. Feel free to interact and engage as much or as little as you please. Simply by being a member, by using the Discord server and making it a fun, welcoming place, you’re enabling us to explore all the ways the Broken Tee Society can act as an agent of change and a steward of the game. 

That said, we can’t do it alone. If you would like to get involved, please get in touch here and be sure to attend the events over the next few months. 

We’ll keep track of all those who contribute and will find ways to reward participants for their involvement and efforts.

What’s in Season 1?  


We’ll formalize our community’s core values and begin developing a roadmap to realize some bigger ideas and goals. This will start with our Vision & Values series, where we’ll get together to discuss the nebulous, big-picture, daunting (yet exciting) concepts both within and outside of golf that we’ll aim to tackle in the months ahead. 

These sessions will be open and collaborative, and while not everything discussed will come to fruition, we have high hopes that it will help define our mission and set a course toward achieving our goals. 


What is the most useful product or service The Broken Tee Society could offer you? We’ve created a Suggestion Box channel where you can drop ideas and read those of fellow members. Our staff will take on some suggestions, and we’re hoping the community will coalesce to tackle others. The Suggestion Box channel will live on well after the conclusion of Season 1 and will act as a scratchpad for new ideas as well as a valuable feedback mechanism for us to continue refining the BTS.  


In addition to our regular programming, we’ll create content based on Season 1’s themes. Topics will range from golf-specific (the golf swing, golf course architecture, etc.) to general interest (writing, photography, finance, cooking, etc.) or anything else that might interest you. If enough Members are curious about something, we’ll do our best to find an expert to talk to us about it.


Season 1 will lay the framework for some loftier goals too. What might those be? Don’t limit your imagination! We’re building the world we want to live in

It all starts with a solid foundation. Welcome to Season 1.

– Brendon Thomas A.K.A. @beetee 

Members: If you haven’t yet connected your account or downloaded the Discord App, you can do that here.

Upcoming Season 1 Events (dates TBD): 


  • Vision & Values Kickoff – Tuesday, Jan 11. 11am P.S.T
  • Product Prioritization
  • Future Seasons Mapping
  • + more


  • Golf Course Architecture 101 with Rob Collins – Friday, Jan 14. RSVP here
  • An Introduction to Coffee Snobbery with Ross Evans of Carrier Roasting Co.
  • Photography Workshop 101 with Christian Hafer 
  • On Writing with Tom Coyne
  • + more