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Book Club: Golf Beneath the Surface

Author and performance expert Raymond Prior joins the BTS Book Club to dig into his new book, Golf Beneath the Surface: The New Science of Golf Psychology. 

Destination Dive: Ireland

Tom Coyne is joined by BTS Ireland Vice Captain Paddy Lynch, along with BTS members Matt Greber and Dean Faustman, for a comprehensive breakdown of Ireland golf.

Potter’s Putting: Live from Liverpool

World-renowned putting guru Marcus Potter (@potters_putting) joins us live from his hotel room in Liverpool, where he's helping his client Lee Hodges prepare for the 151st Open Championship.

A Practical Golf Q&A

Armed with a BTS-exclusive discount code, Jon Sherman from Practical Golf joined us to answer our burning strategy questions.

Behind the Scenes: No. 24

Join Tom Coyne, Charlie Warzel, TGJ editorial staff and contributors for a deep dive into the new issue. We talk cover photos, mid-am qualifiers, hip-hop, Seattle, public golf, private-label bourbon, Broken Tee Society hospitality and much more.

Nutrition and Hydration with Dr. David Dunne

David Dunne is a performance nutritionist for the European Tour and the European Ryder Cup team. He joined us to break down what good nutrition and hydration can do for your golf game, and illuminate a few easy ways you can keep yourself fueled up and steady throughout those long weekend rounds.

Kevin Moore from Golf Blueprint

UGA Mathematics professor, Golf Blueprint co-founder, and BTS member Kevin Moore joins us for an in-depth discussion about the science and philosophy behind golf practice.

TC and Friends Live from Augusta

It's Masters week, and we're on the ground in Augusta. Join Tom Coyne, Augusta native and The Bridge head pro Jeff Warne, and Seamus Power's chef Liam Deasy for a wide-ranging live chat.

ANWA Preview with Gianna Clemente

The No. 1 junior player in the world joins us to talk about her preparation for the Augusta National Women's Amateur. We also discuss her unconventional golf life, her streak of three straight LPGA Monday qualifiers, the surprising camaraderie present in the cutthroat world of junior golf, and the plans for her megawatt future in the game.