No. 8

On the cover: A moment to cherish at North Berwick. TGJ No. 8 is a collection of unforgettable times on the course, from a champagne-soaked tee shot at Yale to the Solheim crowd roaring for Danielle Kang to a caddie’s son finally understanding his father. Timeless heroes appear throughout, including photographer Michael Faye’s series of trailblazers like Charlie Sifford and Renee Powell, the man who sculpted Payne Stewart and Arnold Palmer, and a band of road-trippers riding after Ben Hogan’s ghost. Take some more time and enjoy the moments below.

“While the scoring matters—bragging rights, impressing a spouse, the chance to grasp, however briefly, the hefty Punchbowl trophy—that’s not why members swarm New Haven.”

from “The Tee That Binds”

“The back nine weaves through distinctive sand dunes and features stunning glimpses of the coastline, none more spectacular than what awaits after walking through a large dune on the path from No. 11 green to No. 12 tee.”

from “Yardage Book: Local Favorite”

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Making PAR

Making PAR

A pioneering photographer shines a light on golf’s trailblazers.

“You could tell they would have been hugely successful if they would have just been given a chance.”

from “Making PAR”

“At this point, the narrative should continue with Dad introducing me to the game he loved….Real life, as we know, doesn’t often work that way.”

from “A Caddie’s Son”

“A relatively good golf album is still only about 1/200th as great as Exile On Main St. That’s why this is (probably) the first you’re hearing about it.”

from “You’re So Big and Free”

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“We were off to chase the Hawk, to walk in the footsteps of the little-known tournament that saved Ben Hogan’s career.”

from “Chasing Ben”

“Nicklaus told me that he practiced until his hands bled when he was young. He asked me, ‘Do you golf?’ I said, ‘No. Do you sculpt?’”

from “Shaping Immortality”

“I don’t want to feed the social-media beast. I don’t want to blog, I don’t want to promote myself. So if good work comes, I take it. If it doesn’t, I go do other things.”

from “Deceptively Simple”

“Cabot Links held its grand opening in 2012, and before the first tee was in the ground, eyes drifted to the second course and the bluffs overlooking the sea.”

from “Sand, Water & Time”