No. 6

On the cover: A moment of reflection as Mount Fuji peers down on Japan’s Taiheiyo Gotemba Country Club. No matter where it’s played, golf’s incredible connective tissue is revealed throughout No. 6. Whether it’s MacKenzie gems in Northern California and Melbourne or new legends at The Loop and Kiawah, the links are clear. Famous comedians and veteran club-fitters know, as do players in cities as different as Boston and New Orleans: Golf is always the tie that binds. Find your connections below.

“It would seem possible, maybe even logical, that a powerful all-men’s club in the middle of nowhere might have some interest in seeing a little golf course get built just across the river where Eisenhower and Nixon supposedly first met in person.”

from “Two Tall Tales”

“It’s not the longest, at only 316 yards from the back tees, and at first glance it doesn’t look too testing, but the 15th is, for me, the model for every short par 4.”

from “Yardage Book: Perfect Problem”

“Passion and romanticism and nostalgia compete daily with bold vision and evolution in a mostly civil war between the past and the future.”

from “Torn on the Bayou”

“I said, ‘Oh, I do it all the time!’” He paused for a mischievous smile. “‘I had never even re-gripped a golf club.’”

from “More Than Clubs”

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“Forest Dunes presented the perfect opportunity to build a reversible course. Now I just needed to convince Lew.”

from “Crossing the Divide”

“I don’t know how many times I have been to St. Andrews over the years, and the weather can be bad most days. But sometimes there’s a thing called luck.”

from “A Curious Light”

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“Coleen Landry is the chairwoman of the Live Oak Society, an organization featuring more than 8,500 members across 14 states. She is the only human.”

from “The Hurricane Tree”

“In June, while hippies wore flowers in their hair and traded tabs of LSD in Haight-Ashbury, a decidedly drug-free Jack Nicklaus won the U.S. Open.”

from “The Year Is: 1967”

“The real story that people don’t talk about is how the local people kept the course open in the ’70s with their own hand mowers.”

from “A Boston Garden”