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Buddies trips, qualifiers, or even your regular weeknight league—golf is too important to let bad weather stand in the way. That’s why we’re excited to team up with Zero Restriction to offer all Broken Tee Society members 30% off the game’s best-performing apparel. ZR’s collection of waterproof and wind-resistant garments set the industry standard, and both the American and International teams at this year’s Presidents Cup will be outfitted exclusively in layers and outerwear from Zero Restriction. Head to your Member Locker, grab your code and gear up with the best.

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For more than 30 years, Zero Restriction has been pushing the boundaries of performance clothing through innovative, motion-tuned technology and unparalleled design. From guaranteed-for-life waterproof jackets for the course to breathable, moisture-wicking layers for the gym and the office, its products are designed to perform at the professional level but are comfortable enough for everyday wear. Now, all BTS members can save 30% on ZR products with the code in their Member Locker.

In my trips across the UK, I’ve played and shot golf on days when even the locals told me I was mad for going out. Zero Restriction is the real deal.

Christian Hafer, TGJ Photographer