TGJ x Yeti Tumbler Cup


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Whether you need ice water for a hot day or a transfusion to spark a cold round, we’ve got you covered.

The 20 oz. Tumbler is built for performance in any climate. We’ve partnered with YETI to create a tumbler that serves a golfer’s every need. And trust that YETI over-engineered these tumblers to keep you hydrated for 18, or more.

Like all YETI products, the BPA-free Tumblers are crafted with top-shelf technology and durability in mind. They feature double-wall vacuum insulation with an 18/8 stainless steel body, have a No Sweat Design to keep your hands dry, and are dishwasher-safe. They come standard with the YETI MagSlider Lid, the only drink lid that harnesses the power of magnets to keep your sodas or suds on lock. And, our collaborative tumblers come in a few different neutral YETI DuraCoat Colors to suit your tastes.

  • Double-wall vacuum insulation with an 18/8 stainless steel body
  • YETI MagSlider Lid
  • 20 ounces

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