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No. 21

Major championships are not required to be a legend in this game. Unforgettable characters parade through No. 21, from Tiger’s biggest childhood rival to a Cypress caddie who squatted behind the 16th hole. Only in golf can the man who cares for Hogan’s irons at Merion stand alongside a hustler who used baseball bats off the tee. Good conversation abounds, whether it’s between Gil Hanse and a rising star architect or players begging the golf gods for a miracle in the shadow of a centuries-old church. Enjoy their company and even more inside.

Cypress Point The Last Camper

“Why nobody turned him in is anybody’s guess. Maybe they didn’t believe anyone could be that crazy. Maybe they knew and didn’t care. Or maybe they knew exactly why he did it: Ray would do anything to caddie at Cypress.”

The Last Camper

Ray Sterbick looks back on 40 years of looping at Cypress Point, including the now-legendary summer when he made the 16th tee his home.

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The Four Acts of Ben Garner

“After you’ve met him, you start to see him everywhere. It’s not a perfect comparison, but there’s a Forrest Gump-ian quality to his story—at least in the golf world. He feels a little larger than life.”

The Four Acts of Ben Garner

From boyhood duels with Tiger to failed prodigy to home games in Hawaii with Kelly Slater and Alex Smith, golf has taken Ben Garner on a remarkable ride.

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Yardage Book: Splendour St Enodoc

“A stone church spire by the green offers a glimmer of redemption, but you’re probably into the wind, and hope is two clubs farther than you think.”

Yardage Book: Splendour

Playing for bogey at St. Enodoc’s holiest hole.

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Gil & Christine Gil Hanse Christine Fraser

“We shouldn’t penalize people for their abilities or the way they play the game. We should encourage them to have a challenge that’s commensurate with the way they play. So why would we not want to invest in that?”

Gil & Christine

A can’t-miss conversation between an architect on the mountaintop and another ready to make her ascent. You know Gil Hanse. It’s time to meet Christine Fraser.

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Augusta National The Masters Bunker Mentality

“They say I get in too many bunkers. But is no problem. I am the best bunker player.” —Seve Ballesteros

Bunker Mentality

Names like Alister MacKenzie, Bobby Jones, and, of course, Seve, on the philosophy behind golf’s dirtiest hazard.

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Shut Up and Play

“Last year, things changed. I realized that I didn’t particularly like being one of those people skulking around the internet, looking to argue the merits of C.B. Macdonald versus Harry Colt.”

Shut Up and Play

When it’s time to log off and go peg it.

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A Little Help Kamaiu Johnson

“How does a Black kid who dropped out of school in the eighth grade and had never, up until that point, touched a golf club in his life make it to the PGA Tour? People helped me.”

A Little Help

Advice from someone who’s been there: Forget about how to “grow the game” and just do something.

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Harmony Korine Wormburner Richard Nixon

“I was stuck alone with one dusty volume of Encyclopedia Britannica that my parents had ordered from some Mormons in 1982. I opened it up to a picture of Richard Nixon playing golf….It felt like a moment of pure revelation.”


A non-golfer provides a gonzo look at playing presidents from Taft to Trump.

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Merion Archives Yesterday Today Tomorrow

“He didn’t say where we were going, but the spirit of adventure quickly took hold. We had all heard about the ghosts of Jones, Hogan and others that lived in the artifacts upstairs.”

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

The Merion archive is much more than Hogan’s irons.

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The One Rule They Finally Got Right Lexi Thompson

“Let us indulge in a misty, watercolor memory of how insane we were—the final straw before call-ins were banned.”

One Rule They Finally Got Right

On the absurdity of golf’s call-in rule and the major disaster it took to finally get it changed.

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Can't Knock the Hustle John Montague

“He supposedly hit a box of matches off a cocker spaniel’s head. The dog never blinked.”

Can’t Knock the Hustle

Never bet against a man named Mysterious—a deep dive into golf’s obsession with hustling.

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Just Let Them Play Shane Bacon

“I’ll let them enjoy it as much as possible before they realize what a snap hook means or feel the sting of a bladed 4-iron.”

Just Let Them Play

The stress and solutions to introducing your kids to golf.

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Augusta National The Masters Rally the Town

“Sixty-five years ago, the folks running the Masters had a problem: Nobody would come watch their tournament.”

Rally the Town

Flashback to when Augusta had to resort to holding a parade to save its hometown event.

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Living Lab Pursell Farms FarmLinks David Pursell and Mark Langner

“With the straight face of a man undaunted by visionary plans, Pursell explains that his inspiration for FarmLinks came from Walt Disney.”

Living Lab

A trip to superintendent summer camp in sweet home Alabama.

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