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TGJ Podcast: Episode 6

Will Leitch

TGJ Podcast: Episode #6

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“I find it funny that you can just walk up to somebody and say, ‘Oh, do you golf?’ as if it’s a club that you’re either part of or not a part of… It feels sometimes like it’s a poker game that no one else is invited to, which is a weird feeling.”

Will Leitch

Will Leitch is not a golfer, which, in a strange way, is the exact reason we wanted his perspective in The Golfer’s Journal. After writing for every sports outlet from the New York Times to Deadspin, which he helped found, Will has a unique outsider’s perspective on the golf world and in particular, what keeps people away from it. He shared that view in a passionate essay in TGJ No. 3 and elaborates further on this episode of the podcast.