Gloriously Ugly YouTube Golf 23
TGJ Podcast 128

Welcome to Golf’s YouTube Era

The Atlantic's Charlie Warzel on our fascination with amateur internet golf

Episode 128: Welcome to Golf's Youtube Era The Golfer's Journal Podcast

Charlie Warzel writes about technology’s effect on culture, people and ideas for The Atlantic. This makes him the perfect person to ask the question: Why are we all addicted to watching the Trents and Big Randys of the world play golf on YouTube? 

Warzel consumed “a weapons-grade amount of YouTube golf” for his story in TGJ No. 23, and joins the podcast to unpack it all with Tom Coyne. They also discuss the future of AI and writing, the work-from-home movement, Warzel’s Index Experiment goals, and characters he’s befriended through covering golf. 

About Charlie Warzel

Charlie Warzel writes about technology and culture for The Atlantic, and produces its popular Galaxy Brain newsletter. In 2021, he co-authored Out of Office: The Big Problem and Bigger Promise of Working From Home. Warzel is a regular TGJ contributor, having penned a profile of Chasing Scratch in No. 19, “The Four Acts of Ben Garner” in No. 21, and a deep dive on YouTube golf in No. 23. And yes, that’s a tattoo of Old Mac’s ghost tree on his arm.