This Place Called Jeffersonville

TGJ x Jeffersonville Golf Club
August 16, 2020

Light / Dark

If it had been anywhere else, the day might have been a wash. But this was Jeffersonville. 

The same Jeffersonville that was seemingly left for dead a decade ago. The same Donald Ross original that transformed from an old, beat-up horse track into a beacon of Philadelphia’s public golf scene. Where if you visit once, you’re a regular forever. A little rain was never going to stop us.

After a drizzly morning, 82 Subscribers and friends were rewarded with an idyllic afternoon—they got a golf course where people have to make tee times a week (or more) in advance all to themselves. 

We kicked off the morning with a skins game, followed by a 2-man scramble on a custom par-3 routing designed in tandem by local Subscriber Jake Borer and Jeffersonville’s ace Superintendent Rich Shilling. It produced Dillon Mahoney’s first-career hole-in-one—to a controversial front-right pin on the modified 185-yard 18th—that still has the clubhouse buzzing. 

There were Philly-style soft pretzels at the turn, and real-deal cheesesteaks in between sessions. 

There was TGJ Senior Writer Tom Coyne going head-to-head with attendees on the diabolical eighth hole, and the TGJ Van, fully-stocked with gear and prizes, parked just yards away. 

There were those who only had time for 18, and those who played Wolf well past sundown. 

The gallery below, shot by Darren Riehl, beautifully encapsulates our first official gathering in the Northeast. We wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. This is Jeffersonville. 

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