TGJ Podcast 78

The Rise of Don Rea

What does an ex-minor league umpire have to do with golf's governing future? Maybe everything. 
Don rea by Steohen Denton

Episode 78: The Rise of Don Rea The Golfer's Journal Podcast

While Don Rea’s previous career involved enforcing the rules, he’s now tossing them out the window as owner/operator at Augusta Ranch Golf Club in Mesa, AZ. From night golf to music on the range to candles in the pro shop, Rea sets out to entertain every golfer that steps foot on his par-61 property—including an infamous one-club golfer.

Is it working? The PGA of America certainly thinks so. Host Tom Coyne sits down with the newly-appointed Secretary of the PGA of America to discuss his rise from cart guy to owner (at the same course!), his previous life as an umpire, how makeup shopping for his wife rewired his business approach and more. For those begging golf’s governing bodies to begin thinking outside the box, Rea is your man.