23 A Possibly Mis-Spent Life Bernard Darwin
TGJ Podcast 135

The Philosopher and the GOAT

TGJ's resident thinker Matt Chominski goes deep on Bernard Darwin's singular life in golf

Episode 135: The Philosopher and the GOAT The Golfer's Journal Podcast

Bernard Darwin didn’t invent golf writing. But as TGJ contributor and philosophy professor Matt Chominski tells us in No. 23, he may have been the first to make it a career. Chominski and host Tom Coyne are your guides through the world of Darwin’s lively prose and timeless tales, wherein lie treasured snapshots of Pine Valley, Bobby Jones, the inaugural Walker Cup, and Bernard’s famed grandfather Charles (yes, that one).

A Possibly Mis-Spent Life

Born into an upper-crust family of doctors, lawyers, and at least one world-famous scientist, Bernard Darwin’s career seemed predetermined. But golf scoffs at predictability. Bolstered by quotes from Wright Thompson and Herbert Warren Wind, Chominski’s tale illuminates how Darwin risked the family name to chase his dream, then etched it into the game’s history.