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TGJ Podcast: Episode 46

The Next 20 Years

TGJ Podcast: Episode #46
The Next 20 Years

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“If I were going to crystal-ball gaze and get really out there, I’d say in the next 10 to 20 years we’re going to see the virtual reality stuff really kick into golf. It’s inevitable. I foresee a day, within my lifetime, that I design a golf course that doesn’t [physically] exist.”

David McLay Kidd

Where will we play? How much will we pay? How many holes, with what tools and what will we wear? Golf changed in so many ways from 2000-2020, which led host Tom Coyne to wonder how the game will look two decades from now. On episode 46, a high-profile collection of experts including journalist Geoff Shackelford, Stanford women’s golf coach Anne Walker, Bandon Dunes architect David McLay Kidd, creative director Andrew Haynes and Streamsong Resort’s Director of Golf Scott Wilson to stare into the crystal ProV1 and predict where the game is headed.