Cabot Citrus Farms
TGJ Podcast 160

The Man Behind Cabot’s Growing Empire

How Ben Cowan-Dewar built the most ambitious destination resort business in the game

Episode 160: The Man Behind Cabot's Empire The Golfer's Journal Podcast

At 12 years old, Ben Cowan-Dewar built a golf hole on his family’s farm east of Toronto. By the time he graduated college, he owned a golf tour operator running trips in 20 countries. At 24, he set out to build the best course in Canada. 12 later, he had the top two. Now, with Cabot St. Lucia online and Cabot Citrus Farms welcoming guests to a new breed of Florida destination golf, Cowan-Dewar sits down to discuss his journey, and the hallmarks of the Cabot brand he’s helped to build. Entrepreneurs, dreamers and golf junkies alike will find common ground in Cowan-Dewar’s tales, which include his foolproof advice on decision making, why he said no to Mike Keiser when every instinct told him to say yes, and the inside story behind the trademark ding at the bottom of every Cabot cup.