TGJ Podcast 107

The Lesson in Their Loathing

Tracing the source of spite with a self-proclaimed golf hater
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Episode 107: The Lesson in Their Loathing The Golfer's Journal Podcast

Jane Coaston doesn’t like golf, but if you take the time to listen to her explain why, we think there’s a very good chance that you’ll like Jane Coaston. 

A New York Times columnist and podcast host, she writes regularly about sports, and in her recent piece “How Loathing Golf Taught Me to Confront My Own Prejudice” she confronts golf not for what it is, but for what she perceives it to be. Whether those are two different things, and how much that matters—we thought it worth discussing with Coaston herself. This podcast begins with a reading of her essay before Coaston and host Tom Coyne dig into the details of what lies behind our dislikes, golf or otherwise.