TGJ Podcast 104

The Answers Upstairs

“Professor” Peter Beames has lived an extraordinary life, and he owes it all to golf
Peter Beames

Episode 104: The Answers Upstairs The Golfer's Journal Podcast

In Golfer’s Journal No. 18, Daniel Riley’s “The Man Riding Clouds” introduced us to Peter Beames and a golf life that is hard to believe. We had a feeling that Peter might have more to say about his adventures if we brought him a microphone. So that’s what we did. And he proved us right.

From a near-death escape en route to his next tour stop, to golf with the American mob, to his brushes with golf and Hollywood royalty, “The Professor” treats us to lessons too large for any classroom. Along the way, he explains the secrets to golf (a simple move, and damn if it doesn’t work) and the hereafter (Peter believes in one, because he’s seen it). An hour with Peter will make you want to live bigger, and to spend more time wandering among the clouds.