Swing Thoughts: September 2021

Photo by Tristan Spinski

Breathe deep. The longer sleeves, warmer beverages and unmistakable crispy air of fall golf are upon us. Among our plans this season are a round—with 54 TGJ Members—in New England at the breathtaking Kittansett Club before the van plots its course west for California. Meanwhile, No. 17 is landing on doorsteps worldwide followed soon by this year’s Premium Member gift, a gorgeous leather TGJ putter cover. So while you keep an eye on that mailbox, enjoy this month’s bounty of art, words and music.


Between the Cream and the Crop

On a summer trip through America’s dairyland, TGJ’s Christian Hafer spotted R & L Golf Farm, where a local couple have carved out nine homemade golf holes in between miles of crops. Take a look around the farm in this digital bonus.

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How Blind Golf Helped a Nashville Man Escape a ‘Permanent State of Loss’—And Change Lives

Chad “Doc” NeSmith went blind at the age of 12. After picking up golf 26 years later—and winning three national championships—he has become a coach, mentor and friend to other visually impaired kids.


The Manning Brothers Take Over ‘Monday Night Football’

Let’s all say it together: We need this for golf! With Peyton and Eli Manning’s casual, hangout-style broadcast, we can’t help but wonder if, or hopefully when, this will happen in our sport. The Ringer’s Rodger Sherman details the format’s successful ingredients.

The Ringer

Rise of the Machines

We knew this day would come: The robots have taken over. In this case, machines are helping to build Tom Doak’s Lido—one of the most highly anticipated new courses in the country.

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The Dirty Groove Vol. 31

The secret is in the dirt.

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