Swing Thoughts: October 2020

New Essay | An Island Green Escape | RIP EVH

As the days get shorter, we’ve been chasing daylight. Our month included a profitable showing at Linksoul’s 2-man, a field trip to the Titleist Performance Institute, and an 84-minute pre-work nine. Enjoy the upcoming holiday, and some early treats below. 

Essay: Laid Off and Upright

The latest TGJ Digital drop confronts a timely but unfortunate subject: Unemployment. Where do we go when life’s rug is pulled from beneath us? For some, it leads toward the unknown. For Jay Revell, it took him back to an undefeated cure-all: the golf course. 

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Short Iron: That day when Eddie Van Halen and Bob Hope (and Gerald Ford) played golf

RIP, EVH. As we pay our respects to the legendary shredder, we’d be remiss to not point out that he loved the game. As evidence, let’s go back to 1994 when Van Halen found himself grouped with Bob Hope, Gerald Ford, and Tom Kite…for four days.


Mid-Iron: The untold story of golf legend Mickey Wright, who left her entire estate to the USGA

If you listened to Episode 63 of the TGJ Podcast, then you’ll recall host Tom Coyne stumbling across a trove of Mickey Wright’s personal belongings while snooping around the USGA Museum’s restricted-access archive. Well, Beth Ann Nichols quite literally picks up the pieces in her latest article, as she dusts off the incredible stories behind the LPGA legend’s artifacts.


Long Iron: Food, it turns out, has little to do with why I love to travel

Why do we enjoy golf trips? Is it the birdies and bogeys? Perhaps it’s the thrill of discovering something new with your favorite people. The parallels to golf adventures in this food-inspired pandemic road-trip diary are obvious, and the suggestion is clear: Whatever golf course you plug into the GPS pales in comparison to who rides shotgun.



Keeping the game afloat

The Dirty Groove Vol. 21

An island green escape.

Ep. 65: Chris Solomon’s Traveling Bag

If you’ve finished your fall reading list, chances are you’re familiar with the golf bag that’s been around the world. Twice. But there’s plenty more to the story. TGJ contributor Chris Solomon recently joined the pod to discuss his inspiration behind “Infinite Loop,” how to pitch a story, and how scary that whole writing thing can be. 

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