Swing Thoughts: November 2020

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Here’s hoping your plates were full this Thanksgiving season. Ours were, as the TGJ Van made appearances all over Southern California field-testing future Subscriber event sites. You can check out our stuffed calendar below, along with some of our favorite happenings from a November unlike any other.

2021 Events Calendar

Rams Hill, Mexico, The Saticoy Club, Sand Valley and a Chambers Bay-Gearhart Pacific Northwest swing—and that’s only the first half of the year. Dig in for a first glance at our epic slate and stay ready: We’ve got even more Subscriber experiences coming soon.

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 Short-Iron: Why can’t “Jeopardy!” contestants solve sports clues?

What is, Sports? The world’s best and brightest have graced the “Jeopardy!” stage, referencing everything from ancient literature to opera to 18th century foreign affairs. Yet Sports in particular has caused some legendary fits. One can only imagine a golf category: “This Jordan has struggled to take flight since his ball crash-landed in Augusta’s holy water.” *crickets*

Toronto Star

Mid-Iron: Belleair commissioner voted for golf course improvements, sold a house to the course’s owner the next day for $1.65 million

The debut of The Pelican, the LPGA’s newest stop in Tampa, was overshadowed by some shady activity. The club, which hosts names like Fred Ridley and Tom Brady, has come under fire within the local community thanks to some suspiciously timed and priced real-estate deals. What effect, if any, will it have on this potential pillar of LPGA Florida swings?

Tampa Bay Times

Long-Iron: The special ingredient of those brilliant white sand traps at the Masters

We knew there was something different about those bunkers. As it turns out, the secret to Augusta National’s Air Force 1-white sand isn’t in some secret maintenance shed, or bought with unlimited TV rights revenue. In fact, it’s just a few hours down the road. And April right around the corner, they’ll need a fresh haul in 2021.

L.A. Times


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