Swing Thoughts: July 2021


Tom Doak’s Lido recreation in Wisconsin (pictured above) feels like the one course in the area we didn’t play in July. We started at Sand Valley for Summer Break, raced to Erin Hills for a meetup with local Members, cruised over to Lac La Belle for a showcase of one of the country’s coolest new courses, then finally swung through Chicago for an impromptu skins game at Canal Shores. And keep your eyes peeled: The TGJ Van is still out there looking for more summer golf.


Summer Camp

Upon return from our July 4 getaway to Sand Valley, we received an email from Brody Lafitte—a TGJ Member in attendance who just picked up golf last year at the height of the pandemic. It made us happy, so we’re sharing it here.

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The Invisible Addiction: Is It Time to Give Up Caffeine?

How often do you need a jolt of caffeine before or during a round? Investigative reporter Michael Pollan gives us another reminder that we should always be aware of what we’re putting in our bodies under the guise of fuel.

The Guardian

Women Golfers Are Embracing the Power Era. Is That a Good Thing?

Bombs away! Maybe? While distance continues to dominate the men’s pro game, it’s providing surprisingly mixed results for the women. Paul Sullivan talks with up-and-comers and veterans about the of issues chasing precious extra yardage.

New York Times

Two South Korean Golfers Will Play These Olympics With Everything to Lose

Fore please, Olympic golf now driving. This weekend we’ll watch golfers play for more than individual glory—especially Sungjae Im and Si Woo Kim of South Korea. Two years of mandatory military service awaits them…unless they land on the podium.

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The Dirty Groove Vol. 29

Players who do not complete play before the end of this playlist will be asked to leave the property.

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