Swing Thoughts: April 2021

Yes, some of you are still battling through pollen and aerated greens, but take heart: That means golf season will soon reach full bloom. We’re taking time to smell the new flowers at HQ: One TGJ employee recently played an astounding 131 holes over a five-day stretch. When asked why they looked downtrodden on the sixth day, they replied: “I didn’t get my morning 18 in.”


Episode 79: My Friend, LaJethro

The pandemic has pulled a legion of new golfers into the fold, including some unlikely characters. Nine months after it hooked LaJethro Jenkins of NBA Twitter and The Jenkins & Jonez Podcast fame, there’s no debating his status as a lifetime golf tragic. Hop in as we drive the TGJ van up to Westchester Golf Course in LA to see where this internet tastemaker spends most of his days, and hear why he can’t get enough of the LPGA, slow-motion Rory, and large buckets.

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The Dirty Groove Vol. 26

The sounds of LA public golf, according to LaJethro Jenkins.

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Remembering Dewey Arnette: Tour pro, swing whisperer, secret golf legend

“Only a rare student will inspire the teacher to challenge his own conception of the norm…That’s what Dewey did with my father, and that’s what Dewey did with his students.” Those are the words of Davis Love III after the passing of Dewey Arnette in March. In 2012, Michael Bamberger profiled this true original for Sports Illustrated and GOLF. Cheers to one of golf’s secret legends.


Live Sports Are the Next Great Battle of the Streaming Wars

Quick show of hands, who has sent this text before: “Hey, can I get your login info?” If your hand is still down, you’re lying. With many of our favorite shows and movies having already found a new home somewhere in the streaming universe, will live sports be next? While that seems to be the case, their exact landing spots remains an expensive question mark. 

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