Swing Thoughts: August 2020

Broken Tee 2-Man Champions Crowned | Titleist Golden Tickets | Pusha Tee


(Left) Gross champions Jeffrey Ober and John Marshall. (Right) Net champions Joel Morgan and Tom Coyne. 

2020 Broken Tee 2-Man 

A week we won’t soon forget: Our first multi-day 2-Man raised the bar for our annual championship again. Stay tuned this week for more from this marathon event, including a full-recap, a podcast, and breathtaking images from Ballyhack Golf Club.

TGJ No. 13

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Short Iron: Army staff sergeant, 38, aspires to college golf career following 20 years in military

Rodney Dangerfield meets Billy Hurley III: Staff Sergeant Jonathan Shuskey is headed back to school, and he’s bringing his sticks. After a decorated 20-year service career, the All-Army golf team member plans on leveraging his GI Bill to chase the dream following his retirement next fall. Beth Ann Nichols chronicles his inspiration.


Mid-IronIn Women’s Golf, Virus Upends the Typical Paths to a Pro Career

As of July 2020, 7.4 percent of 20-24 year-old females were unemployed. And for aspiring young golfers, the entry-level market looks even worse. TGJ contributor Brendan Porath examines why the reigning US. Women’s Amateur champ is playing in small-town city amateur events, and how the virus could deter some promising careers in the women’s game.

New York Times

Long Iron: Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect

Range rats recoil. We’ve heard it before: 10,000 hours and you can master anything. So what happens when a Guinness World Record savant applies that theory to golf? Safe to say he didn’t read Paper Tiger.

The New Yorker


Photo by Jared Wickerham/Golfers Journal

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