TGJ Podcast 87

Southern Style with Davis Love III

USA's vice-captain opens up on short courses, skillets, on-air nerves and leading a Ryder Cup team
Davis love

Episode 87: Southern Style with Davis Love III The Golfer's Journal Podcast

Only 15 people in history have made more money on the golf course than Davis Love III. But now, at 57 years old with a newly-replaced hip, the World Golf Hall of Famer is trying his hand at some things away from it. 

This year’s Ryder Cup vice-captain joins host Tom Coyne (who joins us from Ireland) to talk about his new 12-hole design at Belmont (where TGJ members will visit in September), the proper way to clean a cast-iron skillet, why broadcasting didn’t suit his eye, and, of course, Team USA’s locker room situation at Whistling Straits. 

This whole situation with CBS…I wasn’t a big enough golf fan. You prepare for [who’s teeing off in] your window, but all of a sudden a guy on the backside, his first nine holes, he’s 6 under, and I’ve never heard of him.

Davis Love III
Photo by Trey Runkle