TGJ Podcast 87

Southern Style with Davis Love III

USA's vice-captain opens up on short courses, skillets, on-air nerves and next month's Ryder Cup
Davis love

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Only 15 people in history have made more money on the golf course than Davis Love III. But now, at 57 years old with a newly-replaced hip, the World Golf Hall of Famer is trying his hand at some things away from it. 

This year’s Ryder Cup vice-captain joins host Tom Coyne (who joins us from Ireland) to talk about his new 12-hole design at Belmont (where TGJ members will visit in September), the proper way to clean a cast-iron skillet, why broadcasting didn’t suit his eye, and, of course, Team USA’s locker room situation at Whistling Straits. 

This whole situation with CBS…I wasn’t a big enough golf fan. You prepare for [who’s teeing off in] your window, but all of a sudden a guy on the backside, his first nine holes, he’s 6 under, and I’ve never heard of him.

Davis Love III
Photo by Trey Runkle