Relationship Advice

Truly committed players already know the secret
Photo by Edward Keating/Contact Press Images

What’s a great way to maintain desire in a long-term relationship? Esther Perel, a leading expert on relationships and sexuality, says not to count on the magic of spontaneity: “Committed sex is premeditated sex.” In other words: It’s often best to plan your favorite activities. Even though real life can try its best to get in the way, if you really care, you’ll stay committed. And while struggling couples might hang on every word Perel says in her popular YouTube TED Talks, diehard golfers already know. 

As this twosome photographed on the streets of New York back in 1986 shows, no circumstance can get in the way when you’ve got to get a round in. No available tee times? No problem—let’s use the street. No hole or pin flag? Whatever—we’ve got a tin can and some cardboard. That’s dedication. That’s love. That’s the kind of healthy relationship we celebrate.