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TGJ Podcast: Episode 44

Re-Teed: 2008 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines

TGJ Podcast: Episode #44
Re-Tee: 2008 U.S. Open

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“That’s why I love going back and re-watching these things: you’re mind gets so fixated on, ‘Oh yeah, Tiger won,’ that you tend to forget how up in the air things can be at certain time points.”

Chris Solomon

The greatest tournaments live on in our collective memories. But they also provide a sometimes shocking timestamp of the golf world at that time. Host Tom Coyne, No Laying Up’s Chris Solomon, PGATour.Com Senior Editor Sean Martin and TGJ’s Casey Bannon gather to look back on five days of golf that wrote legacies and history books alike: The 2008 U.S. Open. From practice round folklore to the birth of Rickie’s orange pants and 91 unforgettable holes, this one deserves a Re-Tee.