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TGJ Podcast: Episode 73

Lessons in Leadership with Paul McGinley

TGJ Podcast: Episode #73

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He wasn’t the biggest, flashiest or longest, but one look at Paul McGinley’s resume—four European Tour wins, three Ryder Cup titles as a player and one more as captain—clearly shows a legendary career in the game. But golf never came easily to the scrappy Irishman. McGinley spills his secrets for success to host Tom Coyne, reflecting on his love for Gaelic football, attending high school with Padraig Harrington, why he prefers watching Rory over Tiger, what it takes to gain the respect of a Ryder Cup locker room and how the best putt of his life was actually pulled.

“What a time to hit one of the best putts I’ve ever hit in my life. I can still feel it coming off the putter head—it was sweet as a nut coming off the putter head. And it just rolled into the hole at the most perfect speed. It never deviated from its line, it wasn’t wishy-washy like some putts that grab the corner of the hole. This thing came off and had a destination the moment it left.”

Paul McGinley