TGJ Podcast 62

Lester George Live from Ballyhack

Ballyhack's architect crashes the Broken Tee 2-Man

Episode 62: Lester George Live from Ballyhack The Golfer's Journal Podcast

“I’ve always said that if other architects would stay out of Virginia, then I’d stay out of their states too.” After a late introduction to the golf design game, Lester George has made good on his promise to dominate the Dominion state. His in-state roster now consists of top-100 projects like Kinloch, the quietly explosive Langley Air Force Base, and the mindbender at Ballyhack. And that’s where he crashes our 2020 Broken Tee 2-Man to discuss how the military shaped his eye for topography, his affinity for surfing despite never hopping on a board, unloading his car collection and an upcoming Seth Raynor project. 

“There were 75-80 golf holes out here and we just wanted to pick the most dramatic ones. We didn’t move any dirt. We didn’t topload a single load of dirt; not with an excavator or a dump truck or even a pan. It was all shaped.” 

Lester George